Professional and Personal Skills

  • An experienced production designer/art director with involvement in countless TV commercials
  • Well developed connections with vendors that supply different products used in the production design process
  • Ability to work rigorously to design and develop the overall theme including set development and design and maintain the same throughout the project
  • Ability to manage resources, budget and people effectively
  • Passionate to deliver my best and achieve professional excellence through consistent performance at work
  • Analytical, problem solving and multitasking skills
  • Extensive track record of projects throughout US and Caribbean
  • Excellent enthusiastic art crew.
  • Please call for any additional info. 305-975-5336

Client List

Some of my more recent projects include...
Cole WebleyUber ContentAdidas
Sophie MullerWondrosCrest/Shakira
Paul BonesteelBonesteel Prod.Home Depot
Tom MegalisAgency 1903Lowes
Bob GordonFormToyota
Bob GiraldiGSP Prod.Palmolive
David RosenCompulsive PicturesTrix
Tripp DixonGood Films Inc.World Series
Stacey WallImperial WoodpeckerTMobile
Gil GreenPartizanStacks
Rob SandersBackyardZurich
Charlie MainardiLetca FilmsTFF
Greg Kohs@Radical MediaUS Army
Kevin ThomasThomas ThomasKevin Thomas
George PalaezIlumina FilmsSol Beer
Lorenzo de GuiaElement ProductionsBlue Cross Blue Shield
Carlitos RuizFlip FilmsMcDonalds
Jim McGormanSBK FilmsPBS Kids
Manu CoemanAtomik PicturesAmstel Lager
Steven FinestoneAvalon FilmsFord Motors
Jorge AbarcaFlip FilmsKohls
Sasha LevinsonLost Highway FilmsPayless
Chris KochKonk, Inc.Burger King
Tom Megalis LongfellowGNC
Josh MillerLittle Minx Regions Bank
Brett Froomer@Radical MediaHess Express
Mark ClaywellComotion FilmsCort
Joe SolisLa Fabrica FilmsITT
Jeff Cooney Eue Screen GemsIcy Hot XL
Richard GoldstoneThe Film Company NYArm and Hammer
Josh TaftHSI ProductionsConverse
John ImmoesoeteBackyard Prod.Samsung
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